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This is a place for carers of people living with mental illness to communicate with other mental health carers. It is a place to gather information from other carers, share your views on topics you feel passionate about, ask questions that you always forget to ask (or are a little shy about asking). Here, our mental health carer representatives can also communicate with the broader mental health carer community. If you’re a mental health carer, you are always welcome to comment, question, or add your voice to any discussion that appeals to you.

The Carers Voice Discussion Forum is a moderated forum. This means that it will take a little while for your posts to appear. Don’t worry about this. So long as they follow our simple guidelines, they will appear. These guidelines are available on the Guidelines for Forum page.

NB All information given on the Carers Voice Forum is opinion and lived experience. Carers ACT and Carers ACT staff cannot vouch for, nor be held responsible for, its accuracy.

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