Carers Voice events are designed to encourage social engagement, networking and consultation between mental health carers. Carers Voice’s aim for these events is to give a place for mental health carers to have a voice on the many serious issues that are of importance to them. These events provide mental health carer representatives with an opportunity to meet and canvass their constituency’s views on particular issues related to their representation. As well, these events provide mental health carers with opportunities to meet their representatives, and bring to their notice issues that need to be raised within their committee and working groups.

As well as having serious purpose, Carers Voice likes to make these events fun, social times for mental health carers to gather and chat with people who share their experiences.


Carers ACT Events

Carers ACT also holds social and educational events for all carers. As well, there are both general and mental health carer Support Groups. Information on these can be found on the Carers ACT website:; specifically for events and for information on support groups.



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