What Carers Voice Does

Mental health carers are partners in their loved person’s care and it is important that your feedback and issues of concern are captured in the development of policy and the implementation of service delivery. Carers Voice involves mental health carers through a number of mechanisms. You can choose how involved you want to be.


 You can participate in a number of ways. You can:

We invite all mental health carers to participate in the Carers Voice program. Each carer that joins the program adds weight to the peak voice and enables it to be a more accurate representation of the diversity of mental health carers in the ACT.


As the peak body, Carers ACT receives invitations from government and non-government organisations for mental health carers to sit on committees, advisory and working groups, research and evaluation throughout the ACT and, sometimes, nationally.

Interested mental health carers should contact the Mental Health Carers Voice team (mhcarers@carersact.org.au or phone 6296 9952). The selection procedures for appointing a representative are as set out in the Selection Process Flow Chart. All other forms and documentation can be found under Carer Representative Resources. The term of appointment will depend on the committee.

A list of committees and Carers’ Voice representatives can be found here:

Policy Development

Carers Voice reads and responds to draft policies put out by both the ACT and Federal governments. To ensure the information we work from accurately reflects mental health carer priorities, Carers Voice surveys mental health carers each year. We use the information collected in this survey to articulate current issues for mental health carers and to develop solutions to these issues.

Information Sharing

Carers Voice keeps you informed about the latest news related to mental health in the ACT and nationally. We also advertise events that we think may be of interest to mental health carers in the ACT. We provide links to policy and documents that underpin the ACT mental health system.


Part of Carers Voice role is to receive invitations to participate in consultation processes and research about issues of interest to mental health carers. We advertise these in our e-bulletin, and also place them here.


Carers Voice provides training in advocacy and carer representation. All carer representatives are expected to attend training as required. Training Program.


Contact Us

Mental Health Carers Voice Program

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Phone: 6296 9900
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Email: mhcarers@carersact.asn.au, or moderator@carersvoice.com.au

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What Carers Voice Does